"Coverdale is indebted to the dedicated volunteers at the Board and Courtwork level. Members of the Board lend their expertise and time to help Coverdale live its mission and achieve its goals."

Coverdale is a non-profit, community based organization that provides support to women experiencing the justice system in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Coverdale staff and volunteers annually assist, on average, more than 1200 women and female youth. This includes providing direct services to women appearing before the courts and to those participating in counselling as they journey toward healing and growth.

If you are interested in a volunteer opportunity with Coverdale Courtwork Society please call us at 902-422-6417.

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Coverdale Courtwork Society is seeking board members.

A full complement to our board will strengthen our ability to fulful our mission and mandate.  Our vision is of healthy, hopeful and empowered individuals, supported by a caring and involved community.  We need people that understand the challenges, stigmas and systemic issues faced by women and girls involved in, or at risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system.  Coverdale has a mandate to provide programs and services for women and girls navigating their way in the community and those integrating into society following incarceration. We offer a court support program, personal development workshops and one-on-one support services.  Our programs were developed and implemented to create self-awareness and encourage positive change while promoting safe and healthy enviornments.
We are seeking people who understand that women and girls who are criminalized, living with mental health issues, marginalized, institutionalized and facing many barriers daily, require comprehensive and consistent supports and services.
Do you have the skills and desire to productively assist a not-for-profit organization and the women it serves?  Coverdale Courtwork Society is the place where your passion and expertise can make a real difference.  the commitment includes a monthly board meeting, a commitment to sit on a committee, and a willingness to use your skills and knowledge to assist the Scoiety.  Attendance at Society events may be required.
Interested" Please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Att: Kathy McKay

If joining the Board isn't for you, there are other ways to help.  We have a number of fundamental needs, so if you have fundraising and/or proposal writing experience, you may be interested in joining our fund development committee.  We also rely on the generosity of the community for donations, to ensure that we can meet the ongoing needs of the women and girls we serve.  

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