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Caitlan's Place


Supported Housing - est. 2021

Caitlan’s Place is permanent and supported housing that provides 15 single occupancy rooms which are fully furnished. Residents share common spaces including a kitchen (2), living room (2), bathroom (5) and on-site laundry. Prepared meals and groceries are provided to the residents. There are at-least two staff onsite at all times and the facility operates 24/7. Residents must be able to pay rent within 30 days of arriving which is $535 per room and includes wifi, cable and all utilities. Residents sign a lease and Schedule B (Caitlan's Place Resident Handbook) and have an obligation to adhere to the expectations and responsibilities of tenancy at Caitlan's Place. Caitlan's Place is paired with the agency's Bail Supervision and Support Program which provides an alternative to incarceration and release options that are gender and trauma informed.


On-Site Services

All Free of Charge

  • Individual case management

  • Transitional Healthcare services (Physician, RN, Occupational Therapy)

  • Addictions programming

  • Mental health clinician (including assessments)

  • Life skills training

  • Recreational programs and activities (community wellness navigation)

  • Cooking program

  • Court & bail support (and supervision) Cultural supports for Indigenous and African Nova Scotian residents

  • Peer support

  • In-house paid employment opportunities

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