Bail Support Program


The Bail Support Program serves two principles upon which our democratic justice system is based: presumption of innocence before trial and fair treatment of all people regardless of social and economical background.The bail worker provides:

  • the judiciary with a clear plan of supervision as an alternative to a remand in custody for individuals seeking bail releases, either directly from courts or through other judicial process

  • assessment and case management of personal circumstance

  • education, empowerment and support of the individual’s ability to make the necessary changes to reduce recidivism

  • counselling and referral services for women and gender diverse people who are released from custody by the courts

  • advocacy, support and collaboration with other community agencies

  • assistance in addressing issues including mental health, addictions, housing, employment and interpersonal supports while awaiting trial


For more information: 902-422-6417 x 6


Caitlan's Place - Transitional and Supportive Housing 


Caitlan's Place helps women and gender diverse individuals age 16+ who have histories of homelessness, addiction, or periods of incarceration – to find and keep a home. For up to one year, residents receive intensive support for daily living from our staff in preparation for moving into permanent housing, and/or while their court matters are dealt with. 

Caitlan's Place offers: 

  • up to 15 affordable rooms 

  • 24/7 staff support

  • in-house programming including addictions, mental health, and cultural based programs 

  • life skills training 

  • peer support

  • conflict and crisis management 

For more information: 902-717-6576

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