The Criminal Court Program assists accused persons appearing in Provincial Court in Halifax and Dartmouth. Staff and volunteers:

  • explain court procedures and terminology

  • connect to legal referrals

  • provide reminders for court appointments

  • offer practical assistance and emotional support to those appearing in court, as well as their family and friends

  • help navigate the legal system

  • assist with transportation

For more information: 902-422-6417 x 6 



The Family Court Program offers support and advocacy in navigating the family court system through spousal, child support, custody and access and child protection matters. Staff provide: 

  • information about the family court process

  • transportation and accompaniment to family court proceedings and lawyer appointments

  • safety planning, if applicable

  • communication with other family court-based services 

  • debriefing and discussing court outcomes, legal appointments, and next steps

  • support with completion of paperwork and lawyer’s requests

  • referrals and advocacy with community supports and services

  • information and practical support in accessing Legal Aid

For more information: 902-422-6417 x 5



The Cultural Pathways Program provides court support to Black and Indigenous girls and gender diverse youth charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Staff provide: 

  • culturally responsive navigation services 

  • linkages to external supports 

  • transportation and accompaniment 

  • advocacy

For more information: 902-422-6417 x 2