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Statement Against Anti-Trans and Queer Hate


At Coverdale Justice Society, we unequivocally condemn all forms of hate, discrimination, and violence directed towards 2SLGBTQ+ individuals. We believe in the fundamental principles of equality, respect, and dignity for all, regardless of their gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.

We stand firmly against anti-trans and queer hate for the following reasons:

1. Human Rights and Equality: We recognize that every individual has the inherent right to live free from discrimination and violence. We believe in the full and equal participation of transgender and queer people in all aspects of society.

2. Diversity and Inclusion: We celebrate the diversity of our community and understand that it is our differences that make us stronger. We value the unique experiences and perspectives that transgender and queer individuals bring to our community.

3. Safety and Well-being: We are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where transgender and queer individuals can live authentically without fear of harm or prejudice.

4. Education and Awareness: We believe in the power of education and awareness to combat hate. We are dedicated to providing resources and information to raise awareness about the challenges faced by transgender and queer individuals in the justice system. 

5. Allyship and Solidarity: We stand in solidarity with our transgender and queer friends, family members, colleagues, and community members. We believe in being active allies, advocating for change, and amplifying the voices of those who are marginalized.

6. Legal Protections: We support efforts to ensure that transgender and queer individuals have legal protections against discrimination and hate crimes. We believe in working towards a legal framework that safeguards their rights and well-being.

7. Empowerment and Support: We are committed to providing support and resources to transgender and queer individuals who have experienced hate or discrimination. We aim to empower them to overcome adversity and live fulfilling lives.

8. Challenging Stereotypes and Prejudice: We challenge harmful stereotypes and prejudice against transgender and queer individuals. We believe in fostering understanding and empathy within our community.

9. Promoting Love and Acceptance: We promote love, acceptance, and respect as core values in our organization and community. We believe that love and acceptance can overcome hate and prejudice.

10. Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for creating an inclusive and welcoming space for transgender and queer individuals. We encourage open dialogue and feedback to continuously improve our efforts.

It is our collective responsibility to combat anti-trans and queer hate and to build a world where every individual can live authentically, with dignity and respect. We call upon our community members to join us in this important journey towards a more inclusive, accepting, and compassionate society.

Together, we can create a world where hate has no place, and where the rights and humanity of everyone are fully recognized and celebrated.


Coverdale Justice Society, September 2023 

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