Welcome to Coverdale Pride Trivia, 2020. To participate, answer the following 20 questions and email your answers to pride@coverdale.ca. Cool prizes will be awarded!

1. How many Pride Parades have there been in Halifax?

2. What is the name of the park in Halifax named after a prominent LGBTQ activist?

3. In what year did Canada decriminalise homosexual acts between consenting adults?

4. The Stonewall riot that began on June 28th, 1969 is popularly believed to have been partially influenced by the death and funeral of a significant LGBT icon. Who was it?

5. Where was the first gay rights protest held in Canada on August 28th, 1971?

6. When did the WHO vote to remove Homosexuality as being designated a mental disorder?

7. Who launched a lawsuit, in January 1990, against the Canadian Military after being dismissed for being a lesbian?

8. What is the first province to legalise adoption by same-sex couples?

9. What is the name of the first black queer space at the Toronto Pride Festival?

10. The first openly gay football player in the USA has a tie to a Canadian football team. Which team?

11. Who was the first same-sex Canadian couple to be issued a marriage license?

12. What is the former name of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)?

13. Who is the first elected member of Canada’s parliament to come out as gay?

14. Where was the term “2 Spirit” coined?

15. The Black Lives Matter movement was selected as the honored group for which event in 2016?

16. When was the first Dyke and Trans March in Halifax?

17. The first LGBT publication and Canada and North America was published in Montreal in 1918. What was it called?

18. Prominent Halifax film maker and actress Ellen Page played what role in X-Men: The Last Stand?

19. Allison Brewer was the first openly lesbian leader of which provincial political party in Canada?

20. Which Vancouver resident is the first transgender woman to compete in a Miss Universe Pageant?