Our programs and services are designed and structured-

To provide a continuum of care that acknowledges and addresses the needs of women, girls, trans, non-binary and Two-Spirit persons 

To contact persons experiencing the justice system

To be present at the courts each day(Halifax/Dartmouth/Mental Health/Youth)

To provide information and emotional support during the court process

To visit the federal and provincial institutions, providing counselling, programs,  information and assistance in release planning

To promote self-esteem, self-awareness and inner strength for personal  healing, growth and change

To act as a link between women, girls, trans, non-binary and Two-Spirit persons and the community through advocacy and referral services

To lower the incidence of crime involvement through education and prevention programs


Coverdale Courtwork Society knows that the court system can be confusing and overwhelming, and a criminal record
can make it difficult to secure future employment or housing. Our court liaisons and volunteers assist youth and adults in the criminal court. They provide legal information regarding plea options and processes, as well as assist individuals with referrals to legal and community resources. 


Healing Trauma

This is a gender-responsive and trauma-informed program that applies a variety of therapeutic interventions and explores the following

• Process of trauma 

• Power and abuse

• Triggers, grounding and self-soothing

• Building healthy relationships

• The connection between substance abuse and trauma

• The process of trauma and typical responses

• Physical and mental grounding exercises 

Understanding Anger

This is a 10-hour workshop that encourages women to identify anger as a potential force for change. The course material encourages women to recognize and acknowledge their feelings of anger. The program material investigates where these feelings come from and provides coping tools and techniques that enable women to deal with anger in a constructive way. 

Empowering Beliefs

Women will be introduced to skills that will assist them in:

•Identifying achievable goals

•Identifying resources that will support these goals

•Developing a motivational strategy

•Reframing life patterns

•Strengthening positive self-talk and

•Increasing assertive behaviours 

Facilitating Individual Rehabilitation & Successful Transition

Contact Personal Plan

Often when the institution has successfully reintegrated women into the community there follows a very critical time frame when women need additional support to maintain their status in the community. This is where our First Contact Personal Plan plays a beneficial role. A fundamental and crucial element in the successful delivery of the FCPP is that it
is set in motion with the Coverdale support worker making initial contact with the woman while the woman is incarcerated.

Issues addressed in other workshops and supports include:

  • Relationship violence

  • Homelessness

  • Sexual, physical and emotional abuse

  • Anger/aggression management

  • Women’s health issues

  • Mental health issues


Coverdale provides meaningful services to incarcerated women serving time in the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility (CNSCF) and Nova Institution in Truro. Maintaining contact with women sentenced to a period of custody helps preserve the relationships established at court and keeps the women linked to our continuum of care.

We offer the following services to incarcerated women:

  • On-site visits

  • Pre-release planning

  • One-on-one support

  • Liaising with Community Resources


The purpose of the Voices program is to encourage girls to seek and celebrate their "true selves" by giving them a safe space, encouragement, structure and support to embrace their important journey of self-discovery.  This program adopts a strengths-based approach that enables girls to identify their power as individuals and as females.  This program is centered on girls' experiences and is gender-responsive to these experiences.


Located in the Society’s office the drop-in-centre provides a place for women to talk, develop friendships, develop and build skills, receive emotional support, access personal care items, speak with a support person and access wider resources.


Our staff and volunteers attend conferences, sit on panels and work collaboratively with women with lived experience and community organizations to provide education and information. The issues related to the gendered experience of the criminal justice system and the social determinants of justice are topics that we explore. We also discuss the work that Coverdale does in the courts, prisons and community. To host a discussion or book a speaker please contact us at


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We acknowledge that we are in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People.

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