Supporting women and gender diverse people who are involved or at risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system 

Coverdale exists to provide a continuum of care that acknowledges and addresses the needs of women and trans people in our communities that have come into contact with law. We aim to contact persons experiencing the justice system, to be present at the courts each day (Halifax/Dartmouth/Mental Health/Youth), to provide information, legal navigation and emotional support during the court process, to visit the federal and provincial institutions, providing counselling, programs,  information and assistance in release planning. Our services promote self-esteem, self-awareness and inner strength for personal  healing, growth and change and seek to lower the incidence of crime involvement through education and prevention programs that address the pathways to criminalization. 

Women, girls and gender diverse individuals who are criminalized are often marginalized due to systemic inequalities and have extensive histories of trauma; they have often experienced victimization through abuse, colonialism, racism, familial instability, poverty, addiction, and mental health struggles.

The trauma women and LGBTQ+ people experience further informs their life courses, and in many instances results in further victimization and criminalization.