Coverdale is a non profit, charitable organization that supports women, girls and gender diverse individuals involved with the criminal justice system in the

Halifax region



We work in provincial and federal courts, correctional facilities and in the community to provide comprehensive wrap-around services that respond to the needs of vulnerable women and girls. Every year, hundreds of women, girls and gender diverse individuals access Coverdale. 

All staff, students and volunteers at Coverdale:

Communicate with compassion 

Understand the prevalence and impact of trauma

Share power

Pursue the person’s strengths, choice, and autonomy

Respect human rights

Provide holistic care

Embrace diversity

Earn trust

Promote safety 





We are committed to being an agency that demonstrates integrity, credibility, and innovation in offering a continuum of care to those who use our services.These values are expressed through our day to day work by offering services that are:  


Trauma Informed 

Culturally Responsive 



Low Barrier







To decrease barriers within the criminal justice system and provide comprehensive supports so that all women, girls, trans and non-binary individuals can achieve healing and equity. We strive to empower women, girls, trans and non- binary individuals through a trauma informed, inclusive lens. Our client centred approach strengthens emotional, cultural and social well-being through prevention, innovation, support, reintegration and advocacy


We hold a vision of creating a community that supports transformation and pathways to healing. We envision an inclusive and just community in which all women and gender diverse persons live with equality and dignity.