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Community Care Since 1923

At Coverdale, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. Since 1923, we’ve been supporting our communities to improve access to justice for women and girls. 

Coverdale began in Moncton, NB as the Inter-Provincial Home for Young Women by the Anglican, United Baptist, Presbyterian, United and Methodist churches. Located across the river from Moncton in Riverview, NB, on Coverdale Road, it served as an alternative to prison for girls 16 years of age and older who were sentenced to terms of less than three years. Educational and rehabilitative programs were provided in the home.

At the time, the only other facility for women was the prison in Kingston, Ontario. The establishment of Coverdale made it possible for women to receive services  closer to home. For many years the Home was a pioneering venture in working with women in the justice system. Eventually, with the rise of provincial correctional facilities, and the withdrawal of government support, it was no longer possible to continue the work of the Home. 

In 1976 it split into two independent associations, one in Saint John, NB and the second in Halifax, NS. Coverdale changed from an institution based to a community based service focusing on intervention and prevention. Now Coverdale plays a pivotal role in the development and implementation of innovative support programs for women.  

For more on the history of the Inter-Provincial Home for Young Women

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